Redefining Security with Technology

Door Contact

Door contact detects break-ins; whether an intruder picks your lock or kicks in your door, we have got it covered. Every entrance to your house can be protected so that you control who enters your home.

Water Leak Sensor

Receive immediate alerts if there is unwanted water or moisture in your home.

Smoke & Heat detector

Designed to provide reliable smoke detection, it is a low-profile wireless device that is ideal for difficult-to-wire residential or commercial applications. It features built-in alarm, horn, integral dual-sensor heat detection, automatic drift compensation and an easy maintenance.

Gas Leak Sensor

In case of any excess leakage (R22, R134a, carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Methane), the sensor sends an alarm signal to the system, activating a loud audible and visual warning and a relay (SPDT).

Vibration Sensor

Vibration sensors wirelessly attach to your glass windows and detect any tampering. The sensor is able to monitor for minor vibrations and for major attacks at the same time but has high immunity to low-frequency false alarms and radio interface.

Roller Shutter

It functions similar to a door contact. It protects large gates and store shuttures where a door contact cannot function due to technical reasons.

Key Fob

2 key fobs are provided with the system so that you can control the system wirelessly within your home. This provides you with the convenience of not having to approach the system every time. It also serves as a panic button.

panic button

Panic Button

Leave the panic to the panic button!
This device silently triggers the alarm in case of an emergency without putting your life in danger.


In case of an intrusion, the siren will be triggered by the security system. In most situations, the intruders tend to run away when the siren is triggered.

Motion Sensor

It achieves superior detection and false alarm prevention through digital signal analysis. This device is not subject to signal degradation caused by amplification, noise, distortion or signal clipping. Pet owners looking to be protected from false alarms can rest assured as the system is immune to pets.

Heat Detector

Set to alarm when ambient temperatures reach a fixed point, typically indicating a fire

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