A Company You  Can Trust Picture

A Company You Can Trust

For over a decade, HLS® has been a trusted name in the security industry. The reliability of HLS services is reflected in the satisfaction of large client base. HLS is always available to help protect your family and home.

Easy to Use System Picture

Easy to Use System

The HLS system is your quick link to the HLS® monitoring center and the key to helping protect your family. That's why an easy to operate system is very important when the entire family is involved in operating it. HLS is always striving to bring

24-Hour Monitoring Picture

24-Hour Monitoring

Holidays. Weekends. The middle of the night. Early in the morning. There isn't a time when HLS® is not on-duty. With HLS® 24-hour monitoring our trained monitoring professionals are always on duty watching your home and if necessary ready to c

What is the Cost Factor Involved? Picture

What is the Cost Factor Involved?

Safety is invaluable. Starting from a minimum of Rs. 1500/month, our packages are the best in town. Reliability at an affordable cost was never possible before. The cost varies from basic to platinum packages and wired to wireless installation!

Is HLS® Meant For Home Only? Picture

Is HLS® Meant For Home Only?

No! Anything that has a physical boundary can be secured by HLS® – be it shop, commercial plaza, an industrial unit or even an airport!

What If Phone Lines  Are Dead? Picture

What If Phone Lines Are Dead?

Even when the phone lines are dead, we can provide GSM and TCP/IP as a backup in order to ensure the communication link between your home and our monitoring station! With HLS®, dead phones are not an issue!

What If Power is gone? Picture

What If Power is gone?

Unfortunately Power failures and fluctuations are a common happening in Pakistan. All of our equipment comes standard with built-in backup batteries that last for more than 10 hours, enabling continued monitoring of your premises.

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