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Protecting What Matters!

HLS Burglar Alarm System is a state-of-the-art intrusion detection system which secures your premises from malicious intrusions. Flawless detection, quick response and 24 hours vigilance provide with complete protection around the clock. Sense of security & peace of mind are invaluable. 

6-Zone Wired System 

For economical installation HLS offers free basic package to cover your premises.

The iShield Pro

Now Introducing latest wireless technology for your convenience & safety. Get your wireless system today.

Customized Installation

When it comes to personal security, most people don't want to leave anything to chance! Get a comprehensive customized security solution for your Home or Business

Enahnce Your Vision

Get extra pair of eyes with HLS High Definition MegaPixel series CCTV Cameras.

4 Channel 1.3 MP

Get 4 cameras package with all accessories included for PKR 28,500* only

8 Channel 1.3 MP

Get 8 cameras package with all accessories included for PKR 49,000* only

2 MP Cameras CCTV

Get 4 cameras package with all accessories included for PKR 34,800* and the 8 cameras package for PKR 56,000* only


Automate Your Home

Adopting the latest Infra-Red sensing technology Occupancy Sensors save electricity and provide automation for your home. The sensors automatically switch on/off a load based on human presence  within its range. 

Now You Are IN-Charge!

Access control system uses electronic locks and a mainframe to control and limit access within a premises. The access control can allow key holders access in certain areas and limit access in other areas.

Electricity Outages Are A Thing Of The Past

Solar power for homes and offices is an emerging trend. Solar power is a perfect alternate for Electricity outages, fluctuations and high rates. With one time installation cost, you get free and uninterrupted electricity supply to your home/office.

Fire Alarm System

Detects and communicates threat of fire. The alarm system uses a series of smoke detectors and heat detectors to cover your premises. In case of any fire the system will detect the fire and alert the authorities for prevention and suppression.

Fire alarm system is complemented by Fire suppression equipment including but not limited to fire extinguishers, fire blanket, gloves and other safety equipment.

Other Products

Video Door Phone, Metal Detectors, Walk-Through Gates, Safes & Much More.

Security Is A StrategyNot A Reaction